About us

CreaMiep was founded in juli 2005, as a result of a hobby that ‘got out of hand’ by Sonja Klompenhouwer. 
Sonja, who was born in the Dutch village of Winschoten in 1977, grew up in Oostwold and has always been very creative. In 1998 she started designing 3D cards. 
At the time, the designing and crafting of cards was not very well-known and she experienced difficulties in sourcing materials that were both fun and affordable. 
This challenged her into starting her own webshop to make fun, new and affordable products available to a wide group of people in the area. 

Since then CreaMiep has grown bigger and kept up with the changing times. 
The webshop now apart from 3D materials, offers materials for scrapping, and a huge assortment of stamps and accessories. 
Sonja is always sourcing new materials and brands to keep her webshop interesting.

Due to a job change, Sonja and her husband moved to the Dutch city Assen. 
This gave her the oppportunity and space to expand CreaMiep and widen her audience. 
In 2008 CreaMiep attended a hobby fair for the first time, and since then it is impossible to imagine a hobby fair in the Netherlands without CreaMiep! 
At these fairs you can always enjoy demonstrations of products and personal contact with Sonja.
In addtition to the hobby fairs CreaMiep is offering workshops. These workshops are hosted bij Sonja herself and are currently focussed on coloring stamps . Other fun workshops will be available in the near future. 
Sonja has renovated her attic to a welcoming space for her workshops, but also contains a shop. There are no limitations to the minimal amount of participants for the workshops. Sonja welcomes everybody. 

Sonja is currently running CreaMiep by herself, but she receives a lot of help from dear like minded friends from all over the country. 
Of course her husband is a great support to her when she has to make importand business decisions, as well as his technical background.
In this way, CreaMiep has a great team!

In addition to personal contacts at the fair, or the workshops a warm and personal approacht is very important to Sonja. We will reply to questions, comments and orders as soon as possible!

Chamber of Commerce number 02089291 
VAT number NL110739310B01 
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